Vitamin B12

Thrivr Vitamin B12 bone broth nutrition

Would you like to dramatically improve your energy levels? Do you need to increase your focus and concentration? Do you want to super charge your memory? Looking for a natural and effective way to treat vitamin B12 deficiency?

Vitamin B12 plays a critical role in our health from our bones to our brain. Thrivr Lean contains 1,500 mcg of the highest quality and most bioavailable form of vitamin B12, ensuring you can enjoy all of the benefits it has to offer.

Benefits of Vitamin B12

Boosts Energy, Reduces Fatigue: Vitamin B12 is most famous for its energy-boosting properties with many people getting weekly shots to reduce fatigue and increase energy levels. Vitamin B12 helps to convert fat, carbohydrates, and protein into usable energy, giving you a much-needed boost. While everyone can benefit from Vitamin B12, those who are deficient in the vitamin will see the biggest difference. (1, 2)

Promotes Heart Health: While a vegetarian diet may be great for your health, it can also cause major heart problems. Studies show that the benefits of the vegetarian diet can be offset by vitamin B12 deficiency, a vitamin that many vegetarians lack. Researchers found that those with low levels of vitamin B12 presented more cardiovascular complications even if their diets were good. Vitamin B12 is essential in maintaining a healthy heart. (3)

Supports Red Blood Cells: Vitamin B12 has a synergistic relationship with folate, and both are essential for the formation of healthy red blood cells. When you are deficient in vitamin B12, your body is not able to is not able to produce healthy red blood cells. This can impact your health in several ways including promoting fatigue and not being able to transport oxygen to your organs. Supplementing with vitamin B12 can help to ensure your body has the nutrients it needs for ideal red blood cell formation. (4)

Strengthens Bone Health: Vitamin D and calcium get all of the attention when it comes to your bone health, but did you know that vitamin B12 can also help to maintain strong bones? Studies suggest that a majority of patients seen for hip fractures or common bone breaks are deficient in one of the B vitamins, most notably vitamin B12. Researchers believe that vitamin B12 can help to support bone health and reduce the risk of fractures and breaks. (5)

Boosts Brain Health: In no other time in history have people been more concerned about improving their memory and cognitive function while reducing their risk for cognitive decline and diseases such as Alzheimer’s. If you want to boost your brain health, vitamin B12 can help. Studies show that vitamin B12 supplementation can help to improve memory and cognitive function while reducing the risk for dementia by protecting and strengthening neurons. (6)

Improves Mood: Is winter arriving soon? Are you not feeling as happy and cheerful as usual? Vitamin B12 might be able to help. Studies show that given its ability to promote cognitive function and boost brain health, vitamin B12 is an effective way to naturally improve your mood and alleviate symptoms of depression. (7)

Great for Your Hair, Skin, and Nails: Did you know that vitamin B12 plays a crucial role in maintaining the health and appearance of your skin, hair, and nails? If you want to look your best, studies suggest you need to make sure you’re getting in enough vitamin B12. Those with low levels of vitamin B12 have been found to have more skin complications such as acne, brittle nails, and damaged hair. (8)

Thrivr Lean contains 1,500 mcg of vitamin B12, an important nutrient for weight management, brain health, and vitality. Don’t leave your health to chance, let Thrivr Lean help you feel your best and achieve your fitness goals.


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