Collagen Peptides

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Making up over 30% of the proteins in our bodies, collagen has a hand in the most important processes that maintain our health and wellness. Found in everything from muscle tissue to brain cells, the importance of collagen for optimal health cannot be overstated.

Collagen proteins are made up of the building blocks of muscle tissue called amino acids, making them essential for recovery, repair, and growth. Superior to normal collagen, peptides are the most bioavailable form of amino acids, ensuring your body can digest and utilize these nutrients without waste.

Thrivr contains 11 grams of the cleanest and highest quality collagen peptides per serving, ensuring you will look and feel your best.

Benefits of Collagen Peptides

Detox: The two most important organs for removing toxins and harmful waste products are the kidneys and the liver. Studies show that collagen and the amino acid glycine promote the health of your liver and kidneys while supporting the detoxification process. With Thrivr, you don’t have to worry about toxins because it’s naturally flavored, and free of gluten and MSG. (1, 2)

Help Leaky Gut: Studies show that people with lower levels of collagen have a higher risk of inflammatory bower disease and leaky gut syndrome. Supplemental collagen peptides have been shown to alleviate symptoms of leaky gut, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), and inflammatory bowel disease. Thrivr contains 11 grams of collagen peptides per serving, an ideal amount to increase collagen levels in the body. (3)

Boost Brain Function: When brain cells breakdown, this increases the risk for degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Studies show that supplementing with collagen can help to regenerate brain cells. Collagen peptides can also block amyloid-beta proteins, which create plaque that is responsible for promoting cognitive diseases such as dementia. (4)

Improve Skin and Hair: Since the greatest concentration of collagen protein is in our skin, it’s touted as an anti-aging supplement. Studies show that supplementing with collagen peptides can improve the appearance of aged and damaged skin and hair while helping to prevent further breakdown. One of richest sources of collagen is chicken stock, which is exactly what Thrivr uses in every serving. (5)

Repair Joints: Collagen is also found in large concentrations in our joints and connective tissue, primarily the elbows, ankles, and wrists. Studies show that athletes with sports injuries were able to recover faster when using collagen. In another study, elderly patients reported less pain related to their arthritis when using collagen peptides. (6, 7)

Boost Metabolism: Collagen can support weight loss as it provides a feeling of satiety while suppressing your appetite. Protein is one of the best ways to feel full after eating, and Thrivr gives you 11 grams of protein with every serving. Studies have demonstrated the correlation between diets rich in collagen and amino acids and a low risk for obesity. (8)

Reduces Cravings: The excited or stressed brain is where cravings begin. Collagen can help inhibit those spontaneous cravings that lead to weight gain. Studies show that glycine, an important amino acid found in collagen, can help to calm mood, alleviate depression, and decrease stress. (9)

Strengthen Teeth: Collagen supplements have been shown to have a dramatically positive impact on the formation of dental enamel, the covering that protects your teeth well into old age. (10)

Ideal for brain, muscle, and cardiovascular wellness, the collagen peptides found in Thrivr can support your fitness goals and a healthy lifestyle.


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