Thrivr L Glutamine nutritional drink supplement

One of 20 naturally-occurring amino acids in the body, L-glutamine is rapidly used up in a variety of important bodily processes such as muscle building, immune boosting, and intestinal health. Since it plays a part in so many important roles, experts sometimes refer to L-glutamine as conditionally essential. Supplementing with L-glutamine has been shown to support fitness goals, digestion, and overall health.

Thrivr Fortify contains three grams of the purest L-glutamine on the market, an ideal dosage to promote the following benefits.

Benefits of L-Glutamine

Alleviates Anxiety: L-glutamine is a necessary pre-cursor to the neurotransmitter, gamma-aminobutyric acid. GABA promotes feelings of relaxation and calmness; it is also essential for preparing the body for bed along with melatonin. Studies show that supplementation with L-glutamine can increase natural levels of GABA in the body, and the result is lower stress and anxiety. (1)

Reduces Cravings for Sugar or Alcohol: L-glutamine rapidly digests in the body, providing a quick boost of glycemic recovery. Studies suggest that a L-glutamine supplement can help with reducing sugar cravings. What’s more, it can also slow the ingestion of alcohol, helping to reduce cravings for it. (2, 3)

Promotes Muscle Growth: Over 60 percent of glutamine is found in muscle tissue, making it one of the most important amino acids for performance and muscle building. L-glutamine supplementation can promote muscle growth in a few key ways: First, it’s been shown to increase growth hormone release, a key process for growth. Next, it can support protein synthesis, an essential process for muscle building. Finally, it can protect muscle glycogen storage, ensuring your muscles aren’t being used as a source of fuel. (4)

Prevents Muscle Wasting: As mentioned above, glutamine is a building block for muscle mass that supports muscle glycogen storage. What’s more, glutamine can reduce levels of cortisol, a hormone that promotes breakdown. Given these properties, L-glutamine is anti-catabolic, meaning it prevents muscle wasting. Studies confirm that l-glutamine is an inexpensive, well-tolerated, and natural option to protect muscle mass during fasted training, low calorie diets, or intense training. (5)

Boosts Athletic Performance: Supplementing with L-glutamine ensures elevated levels during your workouts. This is important for maximizing performance as glutamine is quickly used up during training. Studies show that using L-glutamine during your workouts can significantly increase explosive muscular power and strength. (6)

Supports Sports Recovery: As a key building block of muscle tissue, L-glutamine can reduce muscle soreness and improve sports recovery. What’s more, after a strenuous workout, the body and the immune system are in a weakened state and more susceptible to illness. L-glutamine supplementation has been shown to restore the immune response post-workout, lowering your risk for illness. (7, 11, 12)

Boost Brain Health: Glutamine is the pre-cursor to a compound in the brain called glutamate. It’s been suggested that L-glutamine is a natural nootropic or brain-boosting ingredient that can improve focus and memory. (8)

Improves Gastrointestinal Health: L-glutamine is a natural anti-inflammatory that can reduce symptoms related to inflammation-based illnesses such as leaky gut and irritable bowel syndrome. Studies found that L-glutamine was a natural and effective way to improve the lining of the stomach and overall stomach health. (9)

Burns Fat: L-glutamine supplementation can support fat loss by increasing growth hormone production, a hormone that helps burn fat, and improving insulin sensitivity, a hormone that promotes the usage of calories. (4, 10)

Boost Metabolism: Did you know that muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue? Even when you aren’t in the gym, having more lean tissue boosts your metabolic rate. By supporting muscle growth, L-glutamine can boost your metabolism and help you burn more calories and fat.

Supports the Immune System: L-glutamine has an important role in promoting the health of white blood cells as well as intestinal cells. Studies show that L-glutamine is able to promote a positive immune response in subjects with a weakened immune system. The result is a stronger immune system and faster wound healing. (11, 12)

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