Rapid Nutrition

thrivr rapid nutrition nutritional supplement

Thrivr is Rapid Nutrition

Broth has historically been the food that heals because of how quickly our body makes use of its essential nutrition. The collagen in broth goes to work immediately because it is so easily absorbed and the bioavialability is improved by the warm temperature. Thrivr Enhanced Sipping Broth has taken these timeless principles of health and healing one step further by enhancing our broth with the most quickly absorbable forms of collagen and healthy fat. It is high performance comfort food and the foundation for our enhanced broths is a super charged combination of collagen-peptides and MCT oil in a warm and savory drink.

When you drink Thrivr Enhanced Sipping Broth the restorative feeling of satisfaction, energy, and strength is immediate because the nutrition is primed to go to work quickly where it is needed most. Thrivr is rapid nutrition.

Peptides at the Ready

Collagen peptides are the essence of bioavailability - Collagen peptides are amino acids, the building blocks of muscle tissue, skin, and much more. Peptides provide shorter chains of aminos than regular collagen and gelatin, ensuring rapid digestion and absorption into the bloodstream. This rapid nutrition immediately gets to work to repair muscle, improve skin, protect connective tissue, and support cellular structure. 

Bioavailable Fats for Energy

Medium-chain triglycerides don’t need to be digested the same way food does. MCTs immediately pass through the digestion process and are absorbed directly into the blood stream to provide energy for your muscles and your brain.

Effectively Warm

There is a traditional Ayurvedic practice of drinking hot beverages to increase circulation and digestion; two key processes for bioavailability. Thrivr Enhanced Sipping Broth is prepared and consumed warm, ensuring your body gets the maximum amount of nutrients and benefit. 

Immediate Effect and Lasting Benefit:

 Thrivr Enhanced Sipping Broth gives you immediately access to increased energy, strength and a restorative feeling of satisfaction with effective dietary supplementation and optimized delivery.