Focus and Energy

sports drink focus and energy supplement

If you want to increase your energy levels, you must focus on your mind and your body. Anyone can take a caffeine-loaded energy drink, but real energy comes from natural nutrients that support your physical performance as much as your cognitive function.

Thrivr Foundation and Fortify contain scientifically-proven ingredients such as collagen peptides and MCT oil to provide your mind and body with long-lasting energy. No crash, no jitters – Only a natural brain-and-body boost.

The Science Behind Thrivr

Thrivr Foundation and Fortify contain a variety of all-natural ingredients that have been shown in clinical studies to support physical performance, cognitive functioning, and overall energy.


Thrivr Foundation and Fortify contain 11 grams of collagen peptides, one of the most bioavailable forms of amino acids in the industry. Amino acids are the very building blocks of muscle tissue, and they have been shown to prevent fatigue during exercise.

The naturally-sourced MCT oil found in Thrivr products provides you with fatty acids that rapidly digest and support the body and cells with usable energy. Thrivr Fortify contains L-glutamine, an amino acid that has been shown to significantly increase intra-workout strength and energy.


The 11 grams of collagen peptides found in Thrivr Foundation and Fortify can help to regenerate brain cells and decrease your risk for disease. The fatty acids within the two grams of MCT oil rapidly digest and they are the preferred fuel source of the brain with far less metabolic waste than glucose.

Thrivr Fortify takes brain energy one step further with L-glutamine, the building block to a compound in the brain called glutamate, which has been shown to improve focus and memory. Fortify also contains vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that can protect brain cells and support memory formation.

Give your body and mind the healthy energy they deserve with Thrivr.